Tim Brooks started this elegant new gallery in June, and it's a real treat. Great opening, airy and well-lit. A joy to have shown there.

Mink Gallery

It's been a year of of changes
Do artists have to stay with one style all their lives?
Vibrant colors rather than wintry hues
I've loved having paintings at The Bookery these winter months, but am looking forward to welcoming visitors to The Mink Gallery in March.
The Bookery opens its walls to paintings, and i have the pleasure of getting in there first!
Working with resin AND raw canvas- www.artresin.com
Sharing space and time with Tom Partigianoni
Luxurious expanse of white walls
Contemporary setting with two of the loveliest art appreciators in Ithaca
One more week left for show with Patty Brown at State of the Art. A great collaboration- not overdone, but I think our colorful, gestural work goes well together.
Winter Journey at CAP for the month of December


Featured Artist
Memorial Day weekend- balancing work, friends and painting.

Echo Art Fair in Buffalo was a great success- sales, purchases and new friends.

Photo by Cheryl Gorski.

The month of May opens with a great group show at State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca on Friday May 6, then an open studio from 10-3 pm at the Mink Gallery, 614 North Cayuga Street.


One week later I'm in Buffalo for the Echo Art Fair at the OSC Manufacturing, 1001 East Delavan in Buffalo NY. The first Echo was held at the old Central Train Station on Buffalo's East Side, then moved to other locations. Now it's back in what promises to be a great setting.

It's such a privilege to have one's work viewed and thoughtfully considered by someone you've never met. Jessica Beck is the Associate Curator of Art at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, and was the judge for the BSA 120th Catalogue Show at the Castellani Museum of Art in Lewiston. I wanted to share what she wrote about this piece, "Happiness", not only because it's so generous, but because it makes me think about what I do in new ways.


Feeling the weight of history these days, the untimely death of Cornell's president Beth Garrett, the passing of our son Dan three years ago last month, my mother three years ago this month, my father in June of 2014- feelings of nostalgia, as much as loss, and as I age, the sense of a limited horizon. So why not put some thoughts down?


Looking forward to our two month long special event at State of the Art Gallery in ithaca. SOAG artists respond to a poem or poems from regional poets, invited by past Poet Laureate of Tompkins County, Tish PEARLMAN. 

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Tim Brooks started this elegant new gallery in June, and it's a real treat. Great opening, airy and well-lit. A joy to have shown there.